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Travel within Dehradun

  1. Auto-rickshaws (“tuk tuks”) are easily found and there are stands including train station,ISBT, Astley Hall. Rates within Dehradun ranges from 10-60 rupees. You can also find shared Vikram rickshaws for a more cheaper option.
  2. City bus service is also available which runs from clement town to rajpur road every half an hour.
  3. The city transport shuts downs at around 8pm so after that fare will be charged more than the usual.
  4. Ola and uber both provides their services in dehradun.
  5. Best way to travel around dehradun is to rent a scooter or a bike and enjoy the beauty of the city.


Bheji (In garhwali)and Daju,Daadi( in Kumaoni) are some of the words used by the locals to call someone brother Bhayankar- This word is very common among people of dehradun . Its means awesome fantu – This is a slang word for girlfriend.

Negotiating prices

If you are a foreigner, be prepared for vendors at the city’s street side stalls and bazaars to throw exorbitant prices at you – sometimes even for the fun of a good bargain. You are encouraged to negotiate the best you can without insulting vendors. You can always check with a fellow local customer to see if you’re being unreasonably charged.